1912. Photograph of the staff and students of the Department for Natural Sciences (Zootomichesky kabinet) of the St Petersburg University. In the center, first row, the head of the Department Prof. V.T. Shevyakov is sitting. Student A.A.Lyubishchev (future famous Russian theorist of biology) put his hands on the shoulders of  Ivan Filipjev, - this fragment is enlarged at the right side (Archive of Prof. T.A.Ginetsynskaya & Prof. D.V.Naumov).

Tsalolikhin S.Y. & A.Y.Ryss. 2000. Professor Ivan Nikolaevich Filipjev (1889-1940). Zoological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Web-site. 4 pp (10 kb) text; 5 photographs (500 Kb) images. URL: http://www.zin.ru/classics/filipjev.htm.

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