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The project assumes building up the version of the incorporated collection of protists from funds of Zoological Institute Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS), Institute of Cytology RAS and St. Petersburg State University. This collection will submit both a total preparations and living cultures of protists. The catalogues of an electronic collection are placed on the site of Zoological Institute RAS Web server ( An option for the contextual search and electronic request forms are available there. The catalogues are complemented by the brief descriptions of samples with the indication of their index in an electronic collection.
     The complete version of an electronic collection "PROTISTS" will be distributed on CD carriers. The collection will include the "Catalogue" (identical to one placed in the Internet ) and a hypermedia collection, each frame of which will keep the digital image of a preparation (video for cultures and complex three-dimensional objects) and a hypertext document with their description. The browser system of the collection will work on both contextual and index search principles. It will also support SQL inquiries. The building up process of the complete version of an electronic collection "PROTISTS" will be completed by 2002.

The project is developed by financial support of
the Russian Foundation for Basic Research

grant N  00-07-90287