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Basic Principles of the ZOOCOD Classifiers

      The AIS PARHOST1 should be based upon special tables built in the form of classifiers on the basis of ZOOCOD2 standard. This standard was developed by A. L. Lobanov (Lobanov, Smirnov, 1999) for the transformation of hierachical classifications (in the right part of the figure) into relational table (in the left part of the figure) so that all data in the systematic list were given in the corresponding fields of the classifiers.

      The major fields of ZOOCOD2 are as follows: field RANCOD (3rd column) reflects the hierarchy of taxa categories; field SYSCOD (4th column) supports the order of taxa and also describes their hierachy in a convenient form; field ABBR gives a brief unique designation of taxa. It is used in construction of factographic tables.