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= Bufo viridis var. persica Nikolsky, 1900

Bufotes surdus surdus (Boulenger, 1891)

Collection number:

ZISP 2058.2

Original label:

Duz-Ab in Kirmano orient

Collection place:

Iran, Sistan va Baluchestan Ostan-e


N.A. Zarudny, 14.06.1898

Income number:


Field number:


«Taxon» catalogue number:


GenBank catalogue number:





Duz-Abad, Saragad Region, Sistan and Baluchestan Province, Iran

Habitat, biotope:


Altitude, m:


not identified





DNA samples:


Specimen presence:

in collection

Specimen condition:


Geological epoch:




Related publications:

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General view

General view

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Taxonomical identifications of specimen

Bufo viridis var. persica Nikolsky, 1900 — A.M. Nikolsky, 1900 (Accepted)