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= Ellampus heros Semenov, 1892

Chrysellampus heros (Semenov, 1932)


Collection number: INS_HYM_0000820

Location: China

Collected: N.М. Przhevalskiy, М.А. Pyltsov, 06-07.1871

= Chrysellampus shestakovi Semenov, 1967

Chrysellampus pici (du Buysson, 1900)


Collection number: INS_HYM_0000789

Location: Turkmenistan

Collected: К.О. Anger, 10-13.05.

= Parellampus praeteritorum Semenov, 1932

Chrysellampus praeteritorum Semenov, 1932


Collection number: INS_HYM_0000924

Location: China, Sichuan Province

Collected: G. Potanin, 22.06.1893

Chrysellampus tatianae Semenov, 1967


Collection number: INS_HYM_0000790

Location: Iran

Collected: P. Andrievskiy, 06.06.1914

Colpopyga nesterovi Rosa, 2017


Collection number: INS_HYM_0000955

Location: Kazakhstan, Aktyubinskaya obl.

Collected: M. Nesterov, 17.06.1985

Ellampus agnolii Rosa, 2017


Collection number: INS_HYM_0000940

Location: Russia, Tuva

Collected: 11–20.07.2003

Ellampus coloratus Rosa, 2017


Collection number: INS_HYM_0000939

Location: Russia, Tuva

Collected: V. Loktionov, M. Proshchalykin, 03.07.2013

= Notozus cecchiniae Semenov, 1967

Ellampus cecchiniae (Semenov, 1967)


Collection number: INS_HYM_0000909

Location: Turkmenistan

Collected: K. Aris, 22.05.1904

= Notozus hyrcanus Semenov, 1967

Ellampus hyrcanus (Semenov, 1967)


Collection number: INS_HYM_0000910

Location: Iran

Collected: A.N. Kirichenko, 27.04.1914

= Notozus jakovlevi Semenov, 1967

Ellampus jakovlevi (Semenov, 1967)


Collection number: INS_HYM_0000911

Location: Kazakhstan

Collected: A.P. Semenov Tyan-Shanskiy, 17.06.1898

= Notozus korzhinskii Semenov, 1967

Ellampus korzhinskii (Semenov, 1967)


Collection number: INS_HYM_0000912

Location: Kyrgyzstan

Collected: S. Korzhinskiy, 19.07.1895

= Notozus olgae Semenov, 1891

Ellampus panzeri (Fabricius, 1804)


Collection number: INS_HYM_0000913

Location: Russia, Ryazanskaya obl.

Collected: A.P. Semenov Tyan-Shanskiy, 08.06.1890

= Notozus pallasi Semenov, 1967

Ellampus pallasi (Semenov, 1967)


Collection number: INS_HYM_0000914

Location: Kazakhstan

Collected: M. Siyazov, 01.06.1908

= Notozus pliginskii Semenov, 1967

Ellampus pliginskii (Semenov, 1967)


Collection number: INS_HYM_0000916

Location: Russia, Krymskaya obl.

Collected: V. Pliginskiy, 08.06.1908

= Notozus retusus Semenov, 1967

Ellampus retusus (Semenov, 1967)


Collection number: INS_HYM_0000917

Location: Russia, Zabaykalsky kray

Collected: G. Suvorov, 01.06.1898

= Notozus schmidtianus Semenov, 1967

Ellampus schmidtianus (Semenov, 1967)


Collection number: INS_HYM_0000918

Location: China

Collected: V.I. Roborovskiy, P.К. Kozlov, 27.07.1995

= Notozus sidus Semenov, 1967

Ellampus sidus (Semenov, 1967)


Collection number: INS_HYM_0000919

Location: Iran, Semnan Ostan-e

Collected: A.N. Kirichenko, 03.06.1914

= Notozus tauricus Semenov, 1967

Ellampus tauricus (Semenov, 1967)


Collection number: INS_HYM_0000920

Location: Russia, Krymskaya obl.

Collected: V. Pliginskiy, 08.06.1914

= Notozus ussuriensis Semenov, 1967

Ellampus ussuriensis (Semenov, 1967)


Collection number: INS_HYM_0000921

Location: Russia, Primorskiy kray

Collected: P. Schmidt, 03.07.1901

= Notozus uvarovi Semenov, 1967

Ellampus uvarovi (Semenov, 1967)


Collection number: INS_HYM_0000922

Location: Tajikistan

Collected: B.L. Grombchevskiy, 16.06.1889