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This page presents specimens available in the digitized research collection


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Diachrysia stenochrysis (Warren, 1913)

Collection number: INS_LEP_0002555

Location: Russia, Leningradskaya obl.

Collected: A.V. Kovalev, 06.09.2019

= Plusia renardi Eversmann, 1844

Euchalcia renardi (Eversmann, 1844)


Collection number: INS_LEP_0000167

Location: Russia, Irkutskaya obl.

Collected: Eversmann

= Plusia uralensis Eversmann, 1842

Euchalcia variabilis (Piller, 1783)


Collection number: INS_LEP_0000168

Location: Russia, Orenburgskaya obl.

Collected: Eversmann

= Plusia bella Christoph, 1887

Desertoplusia bella (Christoph, 1887)


Collection number: INS_LEP_0000169

Location: Turkmenistan

Collected: Christoph

= Plusia deaurata semiargentea Alphéraky, 1889

Panchrysia deaurata (Esper, 1787)


Collection number: INS_LEP_0000165

Location: Tajikistan

Collected: Grum-Grzhimailo, 05.07.1884

= Plusia dives Eversmann, 1844

Panchrysia dives (Eversmann, 1844)


Collection number: INS_LEP_0000166

Location: Russia, Irkutskaya obl.

Collected: Eversmann

= Plusia eugenia Eversmann, 1841

Plusidia cheiranthi (Tauscher, 1809)


Collection number: INS_LEP_0000170

Location: Russia, Orenburgskaya obl.

Collected: Eversmann

= Autographa kostjuki Kljuchko, 1984

Autographa excelsa (Kretschmar, 1862)


Collection number: INS_LEP_0000171

Location: Russia

Collected: Kostjuk, 19.08.1971

= Plusia bartholomaei Ménétriés, 1859

Autographa jota (Linnaeus, 1758)


Collection number: INS_LEP_0000172

Location: Azerbaijan, Lankaran District

Collected: Bartholomey

= Plusia macrogamma Eversmann, 1842

Autographa macrogamma (Eversmann, 1842)


Collection number: INS_LEP_0000173

Location: Russia, Orenburgskaya obl.

Collected: Eversmann

= Plusia festata Graeser, 1889

Plusia putnami (Grote, 1873)


Collection number: INS_LEP_0000174

Location: Russia, Zabaykalsky kray

Collected: Graeser

Omorphina aurantiaca Alphéraky, 1892


Collection number: INS_LEP_0000164

Location: China, Qinghai

Collected: Grum-Grzhimailo

= Anthophila recta Eversmann, 1844

Phyllophila obliterata (Rambur, 1833)


Collection number: INS_LEP_0000871

Location: Russia, Orenburgskaya obl.

Collected: Eversmann

= Erastria delicatula Christoph, 1882

Deltote delicatula (Christoph, 1882)


Collection number: INS_LEP_0000176

Location: Azerbaijan, Nakhichevan'

Collected: Christoph, 18.05.1880

Deltote pygarga (Hufnagel, 1766)

Collection number: INS_LEP_0002554

Location: Russia, Leningradskaya obl.

Collected: A.Ju. Matov, 20.06.2019

Paraphyllophila confusa Kononenko, 1985


Collection number: INS_LEP_0000175

Location: Russia, Khasansky District

Collected: Kononenko, 26.07.1976

= Erastria mollicula Graeser, 1889

Chorsia mollicula (Graeser, 1889)


Collection number: INS_LEP_0000177

Location: Russia, Khabarovskiy kray

Collected: Graeser

= Erastria martjanovi Tshetverikov, 1904

Acontia martjanovi (Tshetverikov, 1904)


Collection number: INS_LEP_0000178

Location: Russia, Krasnoyarskiy kray, Minusinsky District

Collected: Martjanov, 11.05.1901

= Ophiusa panaceorum Ménétriés, 1849

Armada panaceorum (Ménétriés, 1849)


Collection number: INS_LEP_0000185

Location: Uzbekistan, Bukharskaya obl.

Collected: Lehman

= Acontia hueberi Ershov, 1874

Tarachephia hueberi (Ershov, 1874)


Collection number: INS_LEP_0000186

Location: Uzbekistan

Collected: Fedchenko