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Rhadinopsylla (Actenophthalmus) accola Wagner, 1930

Collection number:


Original label left:

Holotypus 4767 Rhadinopsylla accola Wagn. ♂ Putorius sp. № 49 det: Wagner Typus

Original label right:

I-chu river VII 1900 Tibet.Kozlov' exped 3-902

Collection place:

China, Tibetan Autonomous Region, Eastern Tibet



Zoogeographical region:

Central-Asian subregion


Kozlov P.K., 07.1900

GenBank catalogue number:


Number of specimens in collection unit:




Ontogenetic stage:


Host organism:

Mustela Linnaeus, 1758

Host sex:

not known

Host age:

not identified


Canada balsam

Specimen presence:

in collection

Related publications, remarks:

Wagner J. Uber neue palaearktische Floh-Arten (Aphaniptera). II. Annuaire du Musee Zoologique de l'Acad. des Sciences de l'URSS. 1930 (1929). Т. 30, N 4. S. 531-547. (S. 533-534, Fig. 5).
S. 534: 1 ♂ ist einem Putorius sp. am Plusse I-dju in Tibet entnommen worden.

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Taxonomical identifications of specimen

Rhadinopsylla (Actenophthalmus) accola Wagner, 1930 — Wagner J.N., 1930 (Accepted)