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Pulicidae Billberg, 1820 (Familia)

Xenopsyllini Glinkiewicz, 1907 (Tribus)

Xenopsylla Glinkiewicz, 1907 (Genus)

Vermipsyllidae Wagner, 1889 (Familia)

Chaetopsylla Kohaut, 1903 (Genus)

Hystrichopsyllidae Tiraboschi, 1904 (Familia)

Ctenophthalminae Rothschild, 1915 (Subfamilia)

Ctenophthalmini Rothschild, 1915 (Tribus)

Ctenophthalmus Kolenati, 1856 (Genus)

Palaeopsylla Wagner, 1903 (Genus)

Doratopsyllinae Kishida, 1939 (Subfamilia)

Doratopsyllini Kishida, 1939 (Tribus)

Corrodopsylla Wagner, 1929 (Genus)

Doratopsylla Jordan et Rothschild, 1912 (Genus)

Neopsyllinae Oudemans, 1909 (Subfamilia)

Neopsyllini Oudemans, 1909 (Tribus)

Neopsylla Wagner, 1903 (Genus)

Phalacropsyllini Wagner, 1939 (Tribus)

Catallagia Rothschild, 1915 (Genus)

Rhadinopsyllinae Wagner, 1930 (Subfamilia)

Rhadinopsyllini Wagner, 1930 (Tribus)

Rhadinopsylla Jordan et Rothschild, 1912 (Genus)

Ceratophyllidae Dampf, 1908 (Familia)

Ceratophyllinae Dampf, 1908 (Subfamilia)

Callopsylla Wagner, 1934 (Genus)

Ceratophyllus Curtis, 1832 (Genus)

Citellophilus Wagner, 1934 (Genus)

Margopsylla Smit, 1983 (Genus)

Megabothris Jordan, 1933 (Genus)

Myoxopsylla Wagner, 1927 (Genus)

Nosopsyllus Jordan, 1933 (Genus)

Oropsylla Wagner et Ioff, 1926 (Genus)

Leptopsyllidae Rothschild et Jordan, 1915 (Familia)

Leptopsyllinae Rothschild et Jordan, 1915 (Subfamilia)

Amphipsyllini Ioff, 1936 (Tribus)

Amphipsylla Wagner, 1909 (Genus)

Leptopsyllini Rothschild, 1915 (Tribus)

Leptopsylla Jordan et Rothschild, 1911 (Genus)

Pectinoctenus Wagner, 1928 (Genus)

Mesopsyllini Wagner, 1939 (Tribus)

Desertopsylla Argyropulo, 1946 (Genus)

Paradoxopsyllinae Ioff, 1936 (Subfamilia)

Paradoxopsyllini Ioff, 1936 (Tribus)

Brachyctenonotus Wagner, 1928 (Genus)

Ctenophyllus Wagner, 1927 (Genus)

Frontopsylla Wagner et Ioff, 1926 (Genus)

Ochotonobius Ioff, 1950 (Genus)

Ophthalmopsylla Wagner et Ioff, 1926 (Genus)

Phaenopsylla Jordan, 1944 (Genus)

Ischnopsyllidae Wahlgren, 1907 (Familia)

Ischnopsyllinae Wahlgren, 1907 (Subfamilia)

Ischnopsyllini Wahlgren, 1907 (Tribus)

Ischnopsyllus Westwood, 1906 (Genus)

Nycteridopsyllini S.Medvedev, 1985 (Tribus)

Nycteridopsylla Oudemans, 1906 (Genus)