Generis NOMenclator

GNOM is a computer database on the generic nomenclature in the flowering plants family Umbelliferae of the whole world. The data base contains following information: the name of genus, the author(s) of generic or combination name, the date and place of protologue publication, the type, the references to lectotypification, synonyms (also with indication on protologue data and typification), geographic distribution, the number of species and essential bibliography. This is a first attempt of critical summary of generic nomenclature of the Umbelliferae, a family with frequent changes of generic limits and volumes.

In total GNOM contains ( May, 1999) 463 accepted generic names (with synonyms - 1013), and 1031 references.

A menu of querries of GNOM database allows to receive analytical responses on the numerous systematists'and florists' questions - to give a list of genera described by a particular taxonomist, in particular time period, to give a list of genera of some territory (a continent, country etc.), to give a list of untypified taxa,to give a list of genera belonging to some subfamily (Hydrocotyloideae, Saniculoideae or Apioideae), tribe or subtribe of the Umbelliferae. All set of geographical querries permits to obtain all numerical characteristics for comparison different continents and their regions, and to list endemic genera for any accepted geographical unit.

GNOM is open constantly for corrections and additions and can readily reflect the current knowledge about the nomenclature of the Umbelliferae genera.

Methods used in creating of GNOM database may be employed without modification to compile nomenclatural generic reviews of any other family or, for instance, in preparing a review of flowering plant genera of any country's flora.

Publications: The genera of the Umbelliferae. A nomenclator. By M.G.Pimenov & M.V.Leonov. Kew. 1993.
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