Avian Ecology and Behaviour

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ISSN 2305-3658 (On-line)

«Avian Ecology and Behaviour» was an ornithological journal published in 1998–2014 by the Biological Station «Rybachy» of the Zoological Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences.

The journal is discontinued. Volume 25 is the final one.



Current Issue — Volume 25, 2014

Anderson M.J., Laughlin C.P.   Investigating laterality, social behavior, and temperature effects in captive Chilean Flamingos, Phoenicopterus chilensis

p. 3–19

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Bulyuk V.N., Bolshakov C.V., Sinelschikova A.Y., Vorotkov M.V.   Does the reaction of nocturnally migrating songbirds to the local light source depend on backlighting of the sky?

p. 21–26

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Bolshakov C.V., Shapoval A.P., Leoke D.Yu., Zelenova N.P.   Results of bird trapping and ringing by the Biological Station “Rybachy” on the Courish Spit in 2013

p. 27–60

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