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Comparative Cytogenetics. 2007. 1(1): 45-49.

The relationshipbetween chromosome rearrangements and repetitive DNA clusters in Chironomus riparius Meigen (Diptera: Chironomidae) from anthropogenically polluted Palaearctic regions

Michailova P., Ilkova J., Petrova N., Selvaggi A., Zampicinini Z.P., Sella G.

Abstract. We compared chromosomal localization of aberration breakpoints andrepetitive DNA clusters (Alu, Hinf repeats and NLRCth1 retro-element copies) inpolytene chromosomes among several Palaearctic population samples of Chironomusriparius Mg. from sites polluted with heavy metals. Both breakpoints and repetitive DNA clusters were significantly more frequent in proximal than in distal chromosomalregions, and they were found to be significantly associated.