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Comparative Cytogenetics. 2007. 1(2): 101-106.

Chromosome races of the common shrew Sorex araneus Linnaeus, 1758 (Mammalia: Insectivora) from the south part of Valdai Heights (Russia)

Orlov V.N., Borisov Yu.M.

Abstract. The chromosomes were studied in 126 common shrews, Sorex araneus L., from 20 localities in the south part of Valdai Heights. The geographic distribution and contact zones of three races (the Moscow, the West Dvina, and the Seliger) are described and discussed. The West Dvina and Seliger races appear to be restricted to the former last glacial area (Veps stage), and the Moscow race is widespread in unglacial area. These findings are considered in view of possibility of conservation of some icefree refugia within the limits of the last ice sheet.