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Comparative Cytogenetics. 2007. 1(2): 107-112.

The karyotype of Hyla savignyi Audouin, 1827 (Amphibia: Anura) from Southern Armenia

Martirosyan A., Stepanyan I.

Abstract. Karyotypes, meiosis and spermatogenesis of Hyla savignyi Audouin, 1827 from Southern Armenia were studied for the first time by conventional Giemsa staining, C- and Ag-banding methods. A karyotype with 2n=24 was revealed. All chromosomes are macrochromosomes (8M+12sM+4sT, NF=48) and form bivalents in meiosis I. A secondary constriction was found in both sexes on the 9-th autosome pair which was NOR-positive. Blocks of C-heterochromatin were revealed on the short arms of pairs 3 and 8 and on the long arms of pairs 7 and 9. Only one specimen (female) had an additional NOR on the one of homologues of pair 5. A comparison of the karyotypes of H. savignyi and H. arborea schelkownikovi Chernov, 1926 reveals their close relationship.