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Comparative Cytogenetics. 2007. 1(2): 139-148.

Karyotypes and reproductive biology of some mealybugs (Insecta: Coccinea: Pseudococcidae)

Gavrilov I.A., Trapeznikova I.V.

Abstract. The cytogenetic features and some aspects of reproductive biology of 9 species of mealybugs (Antonina evelynae Gavrilov, 2003, Balanococcus singularis (Schmutterer, 1952), Coccura comari (Künow, 1880), Dysmicoccus multivorus (Kiritshenko, 1936), Heterococcus nudus (Green, 1926), Phenacoccus aceris (Signoret, 1875), Trionymus aberrans Goux, 1938, T. haancheni MkKenzie, 1960, and T. perrisii (Signoret, 1875)) are discussed and illustrated. B. singularis, D. multivorus, H. nudus, and Ph. aceris have each 2n=10, A. evelynae and C. comari – 2n=12, and all three studied Trionymus spp. – 2n=16. A part of the embryos of each species had specific heterochromatinization of the haploid paternal set of chromosomes, according to the Lecanoid genetic system. The data on oviposition (oviparity and ovoviviparity), sex-ratios and anatomy of the female reproductive organs are given and briefly discussed.