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Comparative Cytogenetics. 2007. 1(2): 149-154.

A chromosomal study of 11 species of Psyllinea (Insecta: Homoptera)

Labina E.S.

Abstract. Meiotic karyotypes in males of 10 species (assigned to 5 genera and 3 subfamilies) of the family Psyllidae and one species of the family Triozidae are described for the first time. The first data on the genus Crastina are presented. All the species were shown to exhibit the usual (modal) psyllid karyotype of 2n = 24 + X except for Craspedolepta villosa and Crastina myriacariae, in which 2n = 22 + X and 2n = 24 + XY are found respectively.