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Comparative Cytogenetics. 2007. 1(2): 155-158.

Karyotypes of three Psocoptera (Insecta) species from Madeira Island, Portugal

Golub N.V., Nunes E.

Abstract. The male karyotype and testis structure of Atlantopsocus adustus (Hagen, 1865), Trichopsocus clarus (Banks, 1908) and Trichopsocus brincki Badonnel, 1963 from Madeira have been studied for the first time. All species display 2n = 17 (16A + X). In prophase cells of A. adustus and T. brincki a single nucleolus attached to one of the autosomal bivalents has been revealed. A. adustus has testes with three seminal follicles each, while the testes of T. clarus and T. brincki consist of one seminal follicle. The data on the two last species represent the first karyological data for the family Trichopsocidae.