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Comparative Cytogenetics. 2007. 1(1): 55-58.

The chromosome polymorphism of Chironomus plumosus Linnaeus and Chironomus entis Shobanov (Diptera: Chironomidae) of the South Transural region

Philinkova T.N.

Abstract. Species composition and chromosomal polymorphism in three naturalpopulations of Ch. plumosus Linnaeus and Ch. entis Shobanov from the South Transuralregion are analysed. Six inversion disk sequences were detected in 5 out of 7 chromosomearms of Ch. plumosus. The number of disk sequences varied in different arms: 2 in armA, 3 in arm B, 2 in arm C, 2 in arm D, 2 in arm E, and 1 in arms F and G respectively. Six inversion disk sequences were also detected in Ch. entis, but only in 2 out of 7chromosome arms. The number of disk sequences is unevenly distributed alongchromosome arms: 6 in arm A, 2 in arm C, and 1in each of the arms B, D, E, F, and G.The level of chromosomal and genomic polymorphisms in examined populations isrelatively low in comparison with other populations from adjacent and other regions.