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Comparative Cytogenetics. 2007. 1(1): 63-69.

Genome sizes of some Bivalvia species of the Peter the Great Bay of the Sea of Japan

Anisimova A.A.

Abstract. By means of cytophotometry on squashed slides stained by Feulgen the 2C-value of DNA was determined in diploid nuclei of 12 bivalve species from 8 families of 2 subclasses (Pteriomorphia and Heterodonta) of the Peter the Great Bay of the Sea of Japan. It was found that 2C DNA mass of the species investigated varies from 1.82 0.03 pg in Crassostrea gigas (Ostreidae) to 6.80 0.06 pg in Modiolus kurilensis (Mytilidae). Average genome masses scarcely differ between two subclasses. However, within Pteriomorphia DNA content varies more significantly than within Heterodonta. In general, in subclass Pteriomorphia, a positive correlation between specialization ofspecies and low genome size takes place supporting the hypothesis that evolution of Bivalvia occurred through a morphological specialization and was accompanied withdecreasing of DNA amount.