Theropod teeth from the Lower Cretaceous Ilek Formation of Western Siberia, Russia

A.O. Averianov, S.V. Ivantsov and P.P. Skutschas

Proceedings of the Zoological Institute RAS, 2019, 323(2): 65–84   ·

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A sample of 136 isolated theropod teeth from nine vertebrate localities within the Lower Cretaceous (Barremian-Aptian) Ilek Formation in West Siberia, Russia, can be separated into five dental morphotypes referred to five оr six theropod taxa based on morphological characters. The Morphotype A includes small to large lateral teeth with relatively large distal denticles and smaller mesial denticles. Some of these teeth can be attributed to the Dromaeosauridae, while other teeth may belong to a basal member of the Tyrannosauroidea. The distinctly smaller lateral teeth referred to the Morphotype B are similar with Morphotype A in most respects but differ in the lack of mesial denticles and mesial carina, or having a lingually displaced mesial carina. These teeth may belong to juvenile individuals of the same dromaeosaurid taxon. The teeth belonging to Morphotype C also lack mesial denticles and differ from Morphotype B by a flattened area on the lingual side, which is also often present on the labial side. These teeth may belong to either Troodontidae or Microraptorinae, or to both groups. The mesial and lateral teeth of Morphotype E are characterized by unserrated mesial and distal carinae. These teeth most likely belong to a distinct taxon of Troodontidae with unserrated dentition. The teeth of the Morphotype D include mesial teeth with the mesial carina displaced lingually at various extent and denticles present on both carinae. The teeth with moderately displaced lingual carina can be referred to the same dromaeosaurid taxon, which lateral teeth represented by Morphotype A. The teeth with more displaced mesial carina and deeply U-shaped basal crown section belong to an indeterminate Tyrannosauroidea.

Key words

Cretaceous, Dinosauria, Ilek Formation, Russia, Theropoda

Submitted April 17, 2019  ·  Accepted May 7, 2019  ·  Published June 25, 2019


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