Dr. A.P. Andriashev


Dr. Andriashev A.P.

         Born 19.08.1910 in Montpellier (France) ; graduated the Leningrad State University (1933), Dept. hydrobiology and Ichthyology; post- graduate (1934-1936)

         1937 - Candidate of Science (= PhD) at the Leningrad State University "Review of the zoogeography and origin" of the fishes of the Bering Sea and neighbouring waters
         1951 - Doctor of Science at the Leningrad State University " Fish fauna of the northern seas of USSR and its origin"


         1938-1939-Technical assistance, reader of the Leningrad State University
         1939-1943 - senior researcher Sebastopol Biological Station, the Zool. Inst. Acad. Sci.
         1943 - now - Scientific Secretary, senior researcher, vice-director, principal researcher of the Zoological Institute, Russian Acad. Sci.
         1951 - Doctor Biological Sciences
         1970 - Professor
         1966 - Corresp.- member Russian Academy of Sciences
         1994 - Fellow of the Academy of Natural Sciences, Russia


         - State prize winner (1971);
         - L.S. Berg Academy Prize (1992);
         - Honorary Arctic explorer of the USSR (1947);
         - Honorary Foreign Member of Amer. Soc. of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists (1968);
         - Vice-President (1979-1982) and Honorary Member of European Ichthyologic Union (1982);
         - Honorary Soros Professor (1994).

         Decorated by 5 orders of the USSR.

         Research interests:

         Scientific activity: ichthyological investigations in the Far Eastern and the Arctic Seas and also in different regions of the Pacific, Indian and Atlantic oceans: morphology, ecology, fish systematic and marine biogeography and also on feeding behaviour and functional morphology; more than 130 new taxa are described. Elaborated issues of biogeography and ecology; origin of the amphiboreal, amphipacific and bipolar distribution (1962-1997), the concept of true and secondarily deep sea species (1953), system of zoogeographical distribution of Arctic and Antarctic (1964); hypothesis of trans-oceanic (non-Arctic) distribution of the secondarily deep sea boreal-pacific species up to depths of the northern Atlantic and Arctic (1990); vertical zonation of the bottom fauna of the World Ocean (1979); phenomenon of the glacial submergence of bottom fauna of the Antarctica (1986); foundation of living forms of fishes of polar seas (cryopelagic species, 1970); the concept of the bionomic bipolarity of marine fauna (1997).

         Publications: more than 230 scientific publications.

         Andriashev A.P. 1939. The fishes of the Bering Sea and neighbouring waters. Origin and zoogeography // Publ. Leningr. State Univ. 187 pp. (Russian)
         Andriashev A.P. 1954. Fish fauna of the northern seas of USSR and its origin // Publ. Zool. Inst Acad. Sci. 566 pp.300 fgs. (Ruassian, 1954; English, 1964)
         Andriashev A.P. 1965. A general review of the Antarctic fish fauna // Monographie Biol. The Hague. Vol. 15. Biogr. And ecology Antarct. P. 491-550. (English).
         Andriashev A.P. 1986. Review of the snailfish genus Paraliparis (Scorpaeniformes, Liparididae) of the Southern Ocean // Theses Zool. Vol. 7. Koenigstein Koelts Sci. Book. 204 pp. (English)
         Andriashev A.P., Stein D.L. 1998. "Review of the snailfish genus Careproctus (Liparidae, Scorpaeniformes) in the Antarctic and adjacent waters // Number 470. Nat. Hist. Mus. Los Angeles County. 63 pp. 31 fgs (English)

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