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Avian Ecology and Behaviour

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«Avian Ecology and Behaviour» is an ornithological journal published biannually, since 1998, by the Biological Station «Rybachy» of the Zoological Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences


Contents of the Current Issue — Volume 24, 2013

Sokolov L.V., Shapoval A.P., Yakovleva M.V.    Long-term monitoring of Great Spotted Woodpecker Dendrocopos major irruptions in the Baltic region and Karelia

p. 3-33

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Bolshakov C.V., Bulyuk V.N., Sinelschikova A.Y., Vorotkov M.V.   Influence of the vertical light beam on numbers and flight trajectories of night-migrating songbirds

p. 35-49

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Bolshakov C.V., Shapoval A.P., Zelenova N.P.   Results of bird trapping and ringing by the Biological Station «Rybachy» on the Courish Spit in 2012

p. 51-91

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Avian Ecology and Behaviour



April 4, 2011.
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