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System of Fleas Study

In connection with the great epidemiological importance of fleas they were studied intensively by many specialists from different countries of the world. Their species composition has been studied relatively well. There are abundant literature data and collection material on fleas, which need analysis and generilization. For instance, till present no review on the fauna of fleas of Russia has been published. There is also a necessisty of a further study of fleas, using different methods, including a combination of light and scanning microscopy, application of light microscopy plus computer processing of images and also creation of computer systems. The latter will accumulate numerous fragmentary data on structure, distribution and parasite-host relations of fleas and will also permit analysis and generalization.

Great epidemiological importance of fleas

Intensive studies of flea fauna in different countries of the world

Vast knowledge of the world's flea fauna by the end of the 20th century
(approximately 2000 of fleas species are known)

Need for the generalization of the accumulated data using new methods

of light microscopy
and electron microscopy

of PC compatible
light microscopes

Creation of