Laboratory of Insect Taxonomy — Department of hymenopterans

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Department of hymenopterans unites specialists on parasitic entomophagous wasps, bees, and wasps. The basis of a large collection of Hymenoptera Symphyta and Aculeata was formed by such classical scholars of Russian hymenopterology, as F.F. Moraviz (1827–1896), A.P. Semenov-Tian-Shansky (1866–1942), and V.V. Gyssakovsky (1904–1948), that had made a great contribution to the knowledge of the mentioned groups. Outstanding specialists of parasitic hymenopterans and creators of scientific school on their taxonomy in the USSR, Russia, and CIS included M.N. Nikolskaya (1896 –1969), V.I. Tobias (1930–2011), and V.A. Tryapitsin (born in 1928). Due to their versatile activity, important contribution to the taxonomy, evolution, and zoogeography of chalcidoid and ichneumonid parasitic wasps was made; specialists educated by them actively work in many cities of the former USSR. At present, traditions of this school are continued by S.A. Belokobylsky (head of the department), D.R. Kasparyan, A.I. Khalaim, and E.V. Tselikh. Study of bees conducted in the department, also was and is one of priority directions. According to efforts of F.F. Moraviz , V.V. Popov (1902–1960), and Yu.A. Pesenko (1944-2007), the best in the world collection of Palaearctic bees was created; a large number of new for science species were described on the basis of this collection. Yu.V. Astafurova is the scientific curator of this unique collection.


Sergei A. Belokobylskij (Head of Department, Principal Researcher, Doctor of Biological Sciences)

Yulia V. Astafurova (Senior Researcher, Candidate of Biological Sciences)

Alevtina S. Ilyinskaya (Senior Collection Keeper)

Dmitry R. Kasparyan (Leading Researcher, Doctor of Biological Sciences)

Kirill I. Fadeev (Research Intern)

Andrey I. Khalaim (Senior Researcher, Candidate of Biological Sciences)

Ekaterina V. Tselikh (Researcher, Candidate of Biological Sciences)