Laboratory of Insect Taxonomy — Department of lepidopterans

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The department unites leading in Russia specialists on different families of microlepidopteran, and also of noctuid and geometrid lepidopterans. Traditionally, the main direction of studies conducted in the department includes elaboration of basic problems of the taxonomy of the studies groups, first of all, problems of taxonomy, and also of phylogeny, ecology, and zoogeography. In different years, many well-known specialists worked in the department, such as N.Ya. Kuznetsov (1873–1948), N.N. Filip’ev (1882–1943), A.M. Gerasimov (1904–1942), I.V. Kozhanchikov (1904–1958), А.S. Danilevsky (1911–1969), V.I. Kuznetsov (1929-2008), А.К. Zagulyaev (1924–2007), M.I. Falkovich (1930–2015). They made invaluable contribution into the sudy of lepidopteran fauna of Russia and adjacent countries; tens of basic monographs have been published. At present, different groups of microlepidopterans are studies in the department (leaf-mining moths — S.V. Baryshnikova; oecophorids — A.L. Lvovsky; mompha and pyralid moths — S.Yu. Sinev), together with higher heteroceran lepidopterans (noctuids — А.Yu. Matov; geometrids — V.G. Mironov). In recent years, the staff of the department coordinated work on composition of the first catalogue of Russian Lepidoptera, where all the known data on the composition of Russian lepidopteran fauna and distribution of species will be summarized.


Sergey Yu. Sinev (Head of the Laboratory of Insect Taxonomy, Deputy Director for Science, Doctor of Biological Sciences)

Svetlana V. Baryshnikova (Senior Researcher, Candidate of Biological Sciences)

Alexander L. Lvovsky (Senior Researcher, Candidate of Biological Sciences)

Alexey Yu. Matov (Senior Researcher, Candidate of Biological Sciences)

Vladimir G. Mironov (Senior Researcher, Candidate of Biological Sciences)

Tatyana A. Cherlenok (Senior Collection Keeper)