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Ph.D. Pavel Gerasev
Senior Scientific Researcher


Short CV:

P. Gerasev Born: 1952

1974: MSc, St.Petersburg University, Department of Invertebrates Zoology

1979: Ph.D, Moscow State University

1974-1977: Post-graduate student , Department of parasitic worms ZIN RAS

1977-1986: Junior-Researcher, Department of parasitic worms ZIN RAS

1986-1998: Scientific Researcher, Department of parasitic worms ZIN RAS

1998-present: Senior Scientific Researcher, Department of parasitic worms ZIN RAS

General directs:

Systematics and biology of monogeneans.

Scientific interests:


Main publications:

  1. Gerasev P.I., 1989. Types of copulatory organs and anchors in dactylogyrids (Monogenea), their phylogenesis and role in systematics. Parazitol.sbornik, Vol. 35, Leningrad.: Nauka, P.174-193 (In Russian, English summary).
  2. Gerasev P.I., 1990. Systematic role of the mode and place of attachment of dactylogyrids (Monogenea). Parazitologiya, Vol.24, N 5, P.361-368 (in Russian, English summary).
  3. Gerasev P.I., 1990. Principles of revision of the genus Dactylogyrus (Monogenea). Zool. zhurnal, Vol.69, N 7, P.17-24 (In Russian, English summary).
  4. Gerasev P.I., Starovoitov V.K., 1991, The number of generations in freshwater monogeneans per year. J.Fish Biol., Vol.38, P.159-163.
  5. Gerasev P.I., 1991. Types of the additional bar in dactylogyruses (Monogenea) and its functional and systematic role. Parazitologiya, Vol.25, N 3, P.219-227 (In Russian, English summary).
  6. Gerasev P.I., 1994. The structure of the reproductive system in diplozoids (Monogenea). Parazitologiya, Vol.28, N 6, P.475-487 (In Russian, English summary).
  7. Gerasev P.I., 1995. The analysis of the morphogenesis, reproductive system structure and phenomenon of unition in diplozoids (Monogenea). Parazitologiya, Vol.29, N 1, P.3-9 (In Russian, English summary).
  8. Gerasev P.I., 1995. About independent changes of characters in species of the genus Dactylogyrus (Monogenea: Dactylogyridae). Parazitologiya, Vol.29, N 6, P.538-546 (In Russian, English summary).
  9. Gerasev P.I., 1995. The analysis of possible pathways of monogenean infestation (Monogenea, Plathyhelminthes). Zool.zhurnal, Vol.74, N 11, P.23-31 (In Russian, English summary).
  10. Gibson D.I., Timofeeva T.A., Gerasev P.I., 1988. A catalogue of the nominal species of the monogenean genus Dactylogyrus Diesing,1850 and their host genera. System. Parasitol., Vol.35, N 1, P.3-48.
  11. Gerasev P.I., Timofeeava T.A., Pugachev O.N., 1996. The world fauna of the family Dactylogyridae (Monogenea), Africa. Parazitologiya, Vol.30, N 2, P.149-152 (In Russian, English summary).
  12. Gerasev P.I., Timofeeva T.A., 1997. The world fauna of the family Dactylogyridae (Monogenea), Palaearctica. Parazitologiya, Vol.31, N 4, P.364-372 (In Russian, English summary).
  13. Gerasev P.I., 1998. The family Tetraonchidae (Monogenea): a structure and position among monogeneans. Parazitologiya, Vol.32, N 6, P.544-552 (In Russian, English summary).

Total number of publications: 59

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