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Main Research Directions

Parasitism as an ecological phenomenon has developed independently in different systematic groups. For this reason, study of the adaptation to a parasitic mode of life on different organizational levels allows for the establishment of general evolutionary patterns in parasite systems. This research area has developed in the Department over the past ten years.

Other research directions include the descriptions of new taxa, revision of the systematics of some monogenean groups, the discovery of new phylogenetic relationships within these groups, and, on a specific level, amendments to the taxonomy of the genus Dactylogyrus

A study of the structure of all organ systems of the Udonellidae worms has been completed, including a description of the gastrodermis, which has no analogues among flatworms. As a result, the view that udonellids belong to monogeneans was shown to be erroneous. 

The systematics, origin, and evolution of a number of higher taxa of cestodes, i.e., those parasitic of vertebrates, have been studied. Contributions to knowledge of the morphology of two representatives of the Lecithodendriidae and Alassogonoporidae from bats has been achieved in the Department using light and electron microscopy.

A new classification of types of phytonematode parasitism has been developed that conforms to parasitological classification in general. The basis for this work was faunal data, including the types of parasitism and the distribution of phytonematodes according to soil type and host plant communities.

Analysis of ichthyoparasitological, paleontological, and paleogeographical data resulted in the proposal of a new concept of the influence of oceanic transgressions and regressions on the parasitofauna of fishes. This was achieved as a result of a critical analysis of the concept of Nickolsky's faunal complexes.


Ecological parasitology
O. Pugachev


A. Ryss
I. Levakin

O. Bauer


Cestoda, Turbellaria
A. Galkin

E. Kornakova

P. Gerasev
T. Timofeeva

I. Podvyaznaya

Parasitic Crustacea
A. Marchenkov


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