Natalia B. Ananjeva

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Academic degree: Doctor of Biological Sciences
Academic title: Professor
Position: Head of Laboratory, Principal Researcher
Contact phone: +7 (812) 323-31-40, ext. 234
Educational background: Leningrad State University, 1968
  • “Ecology-morphological analysis of five sympatric species of desert lizards of Eremias genus.” (PhD)
  • “Phylogeny of agamid lizards and evolution of Palearctic agamid lizards.” (PhD habilitation)
Research interests: Morphology, ecology, taxonomy, phylogeny, biogeography, speciation of amphibians and reptiles.
Field studies: The Caucasus, Middle Asia, Kazakhstan, Iran, Turkey, Mongolia, Vietnam, China, Australia, Sri Lank.
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  • Member of the Expert Council of the Higher Attestation Commission of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation for Biological Sciences — since May 2018
  • Deputy Chairman of the Dissertation Council for the defense of dissertations for the degree of Doctor of Sciences at the Zoological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences D 002.223.03 — from September 2016
  • Member of the Scientific Council of ZIN RAS
Scientific projects and grants:
  • RSF 22-24-00079. PI N.B. Ananjeva. “Systematics and distribution of lizards in the Greater Caucasus: new approaches to solving old problems”
  • RFBR 12-04-00057. PI N.B. Ananjeva. “Phylogeny and patterns of speciation in recent groups of squamate reptiles in Eurasia: morphological and molecular analysis”
  • RFBR 12-04-93005-Viet_. PI N.B. Ananjeva. “Study and conservation of biodiversity of terrestrial vertebrates in the north of Vietnam”
  • RFBR 14-04-92000 NNS_. PI N.B. Ananjeva. “Reconstruction of ancestral biodiversity in continental and island herpetofauna of Eastern Asia”
  • RFBR 15-04-01730. PI N.B. Ananjeva. “Study of taxonomic and evolutionary relationships in the genealogically related complexes of Palearctic reptiles: morphological and molecular analysis”
  • RFBR 15-29-02457 ofi_m. PI N.B. Ananjeva. “The collection of the Zoological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences as an important tool and informational basis of fundamental biological research”
  • The head of St. Petersburg herpetological scientific school under support of grants of President of Russian Federation — from 2008.
  • RFBR 15-04-20632 Organization of the International Conference «The Actual problems of study and conservation of biodiversity of amphibians and reptiles of Eurasia»
  • RFBR 17-04-20583 Organization of the scientific Conference with International participation «Annual 185–years session of Zoological Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences»
  • RFBR 17-54-61015 Herpetological diversity, its conservation and evolutionary history in protected areas of Egypt across the Red Sea Rift
  • RFBR 18-04-00040 Analysis of ecogeographic trends and biodiversity structure in taxonomically problematic genera of Asian temporate and tropical reptiles
  • RFBR 18-04-20049 Organization of the International Conference «Modern State and perspectives of study and conservation of biodiversity of amphibians and reptiles of Eurasia»
  • RFBR 19-14-50038 Review of studies in Autotomy and Regeneration in Squamate Reptiles (Squamata, Reptilia): Defensive Behavior Strategies and Morphological Characteristics (Using Computer Microtomography Methods)–Expansion.
  • RFBR 19-54-54003 A region of high species richness: Herpetological exploration in high mountain of the frontier corridor between Vietnam and China
Selected Publications:
  • Macey J.R., Larson A., Ananjeva N.B., Papenfuss T.J. 1997. Evolutionary shifts in three major structural features of the Mitochondrial Genome among Iguanian Lizards. Journal of Molecular Evolution, 44(6): 660–674.
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  • Hallermann J., Ananjeva N., Orlov N., Tillack F. 2002. The historical collection of Amphibians and Reptiles from Burma (Myanmar) in the Zoologischen Museum Hamburg (ZMH) made by Leonardo Fea 1885–1889. Mitt. Hamburg Zool. Mus. Inst., 99: 139–153.
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