Arseny L. Tsvey

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Academic degree: Candidate of Biological Sciences
Academic title: No title
Position: Leading Researcher
Contact phone: +7 (401) 504-12-51
Educational background: The Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia, 2000
Dissertations: “Migratory strategy of Robins (Erithacus rubecula) in Eastern Baltic.” (PhD)
Research interests: Migration strategies in passerine migrants, stopover ecology, physiological adaptations for migration, endocrine regulation of migratory behavior, impact of climate change on energetic/physiological condition of passerine birds during migration.
Field studies: The Courish Spit, Kaliningrad reg., Russia.
Scientific projects and grants:
  • RFBR 13-04-00490-а, PI L.V. Sokolov. “The effect of climate on the energetic and physiological condition of birds during spring migration”
  • RFBR 14-34-50045-mol_nr, PI A. Tsvey. “Corticosterone and leukocyte profile as indicators of physiological condition in passerines during autumn migration”
  • RFBR 15-34-51145-mol_nr, PI A. Tsvey. “Plasma corticosterone dynamics in passerines during autumn migration and wintering”
  • RFBR 16-34-50116-mol_nr, PI A. Tsvey. “Annual leukocyte profile dynamics in migratory passerines”
  • RFBR 16-04-01773-a. PI A. Tsvey. “The role of corticosterone in regulation of seasonal migrations in passerines”
Selected Publications:
  • Jetz W., Tertitski G., Kays R., Mueller U., Wikelski M., et al. 2022. Biological Earth observation with animal sensors. Trends in ecology & evolution, 37(4): 293-298.
  • Demina I., Tsvey A. 2021. Total white blood cell counts but not HL ratio changes in the transition from post-juvenile molt to autumn migration in the first-year Eurasian blackcap (Sylvia atricapilla). Journal of Experimental Zoology, Part A: Ecological and Integrative Physiology, 337(2): 159-170.
  • Волкова А. А., Березанцева М. С., Афонов К. И., Спиридонов А. В., Поликарпова Д. Р., Жукова Е. А., Демина И. В., Цвей А. Л. 2021. Связь лейкоцитарной формулы с энергетическим состоянием, гематокритом и метаболитами крови на примере большой синицы (Parus major). Зоологический журнал, 100(12): 1371-1387.
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