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Visiting conditions
      The White Sea Biological Station Kartesh receives annually more than 200 scientists and students from numerous institutions in Russia and internationally. Please plan your visit to the WSBS in advance. Individual and group applications for visiting and working at the WSBS should be sent in March-April by mail, fax, e-mail or telephone
(see Contacts) and addressed to the Director of the Zoological Institute O.N. Pugachev or the Director of the WSBS A.A. Sukhotin. The application form can be downloaded (.doc, 28Kb) or written in a free form indicating the following information:       We will contact you and inform whether your application has been accepted (typically within 7 days of receipt). Please inform us immediately in case of changes of the visit dates or cancellation of the visit. Number of living and working places is limited. Therefore, we reserve the right to decline your application or to suggest a change of the dates of your visit. Early applications and those in which the collaborations with the WSBS researchers are planned have the highest priority. Foreign visitors are required to send a photocopy of the first page of their passports.