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R/V Prof Vladimir Kunetsov R/V Belomor
     The White Sea Biological Station has available two research vessels: “Professor Vladimir Kuznetsov” and “Belomor” as well as the number of motorboats and rowing boats.
R/V 'Professor Vladimir Kuznetsov'

     R/V "Professor Vladimir Kuznetsov" has three laboratory rooms and comfortable two-berth cabins for the crew members and scientific staff. The R/V can perform 14 days open sea navigation and makes cruises within and beyond the bounds of the White Sea (see map).
  • Length 27 m
  • Displacement 300 tonnes
  • Speed 11 knots
  • Draught 3 m
  • Crew 10 persons
  • Passengers 10 persons
  • Captain Sergey Mokhov

R/V 'Belomor'

     R/V "Belomor" is designed for coastwise navigation and performs cruises in Kandalaksha Bay of the White Sea (see map).
  • Displacement 26 tonnes
  • Speed 8 knots
  • Draught 1.6 m
  • Passengers 4 persons
  • Crew 2 persons: Nikolay Gagarin and Nikolay Rybakov